About IIM - the experts in replacement parts and tooling for pharmaceutical capsule fillers and tablet compression machines


IIM is located in Springville, Utah and in Elon, North Carolina, near the Research Triangle Park, one of America's leading technological meccas. The area has grown from a textile and tobacco region to one of the nation's premier centers for pharmaceutical and cutting-edge technological industries.

IIM has strong relationships among academia, business and government, a skilled labor force, an ideal transportation network and a moderate cost of doing business... all contribute to an economically favorable and efficient business atmosphere.

IIM's skilled engineers and professional support staff offer value to pharmaceutical customers through technical expertise, innovation and quality exceeding that of most OEMs.


IIM is an industry leader in supplying products and services to the folding, pharmaceutical, nutriceutical and tobacco industries. Our product catalog includes replacement components and assemblies for machinery manufactured by such OEMs as Bosch, Fette, GUK, H&H, Kilian, Kikusui, Korsch, Manesty, MG, Vijuk and Zanasi.  To see a complete listing, click here.

We offer a multitude of services including encapsulation training, machine overhauls, customized designs, bulk pricing, consolidated purchasing, part repair and refurbishments, upgrades, offsite and onsite machine service, part manufacturing and detailed technical schematics. These services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English, German and Spanish.